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Fifa 14 Trainer (Cheat)

Download trainer for FIFA 14
 Help for the virtual footballer - The FIFA 14 Trainer
 For you we have some cheats for FIFA 14 added into the MegaTrainer to increase the fun and to help you being successful. So contains the FIFA 14 Trainer the opportunity to increase or reduce the own and the opponents goals and to change the budget.

Fifa 14 Plus 9 Trainer (Cheat)

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Common hints
This FIFA 14 trainer was created with and for the german/european original version.
Which FIFA 14 cheats are available for which gameversion, is shown in the details of each cheat.
So called Premium-Cheats (marked with a hint that you need a special membership instead of the key combination) are only available if you own the necessary membership for these cheats.
All cheats and trainers are always available for premium-members first. The trainer will become available for free for all users after some time, but some cheats persists premium.
If the FIFA 14 cheats won't work for you, please visit our FAQs or use our support-forum.
The supported FIFA 14 versions are assigned to the matching downloads. For some a premium-membership is necessary. 

Trainer for Fifa 14

Become a football champion
FIFA 14 is offering the full package of football. You have this time a total of 33 leagues, over 600 teams and more than 60,000 players, of course all fully licensed, to choose from. Also you can find exclusively all clubs from the 1. and 2.Bundesliga. All the major European leagues are represented and this down to the lower leagues. Also the gameplay was improved again. So the defenders have a higher game intelligence and better respond to your attacks. In addition the dribbling is more realistic, so that it is easier to get the ball during the opponent dribbles. Even now succeed artistic dribbles not all players but only true artists. Also the shooting system has been revised and now allows a more authentic kicking, which allows very impressing goals. FIFA 14 again offers many game modes, ranging from quick games to tournaments to mini-games where you have to proof your talent and skills. A multiplayer mode is also on board for up to 22 players. The settings can be adapted depending on skill of the player and also allow beginners quick success. The game also offers again the possibility to edit teams and players.

  • official license for 33 leagues and over 600 teams
  • all clubs in the 1. and 2.Bundesliga
  • various modes of play ( game, tournament, training and mini-games)
  • more realistic gameplay
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 22 players
  • teams and players editable
Fifa 14 full game download

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Fifa 14 trainer download


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