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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Windows Doctor 2.7.4 Download

Free doctor for your PC!

Windows Doctor 2.7.4 Free Key

In addition to the registry cleaner, Windows Doctor provides many other useful tools to optimize your Windows so that you don’t need to spend extra money on the expensive single-task software.
  •   History Cleaner can clean all tracks of your activities to protect your privacy and improve PC performance;
  •   Shortcuts cleaner identifies and removes the annoying redundant shortcuts that point to non-existent or invalid files.
  •   Registry Defragger will defragment your registry to acquire linear registry structure, reduce application respond time and registry access time.
  •   Start-up Manager allows you to easily inspect, delete or temporarily disable the start-up programs.
  •   Uninstall Manager can safely remove the unwanted applications installed on your computer.
  •   System Optimizer allows you to optimize your system settings, and as a result, boosts your system speed and improves system performance.
  •   IE Manager can easily repair your IE problems as well as settings changed by malicious websites.
  •   Additionally, Windows Doctor collects a list of very useful system tools to help you better manage your computer, such as Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, DirectX Diagnostic Tool, Registry Editor, etc.
Download Windows Doctor 2.7.4 serial included!
Registry Cleaner – Fix PC Errors & Boost System Performance
  •   Professionally designed scan engine will scan your entire registry within a few seconds.
  •   A comprehensive error report after scan will list the found registry errors in 20 categories
  •   User is allowed to easily sort the error report according to 10 different attributes
  •   Powerful registry fixer will quickly fix all registry problems with one simple click
  •   For advanced computer users, it provides more freedom by allowing user to select items to fix by himself.
Windows Doctor will fix all the registry errors that cause system instability, PC errors, crashes, system slowdown, including but not limited to:
  •  Invalid User software settings
  •  Invalid class keys
  •  Invalid system software settings
  •  Invalid fonts
  •  Invalid browser helper objects
  •  Invalid start-up programs
  •  Invalid custom control settings
  •  ActiveX errors
  •  Errors in uninstall sections
  •  Obsolete history lists
  •   Shared DLL errors
  •  Invalid file paths
  •  Sound and AppEvents errors
  •  Invalid file extensions
  •   Startup popup window
  •  Invalid software locations
  •  Invalid System settings
  •  Windows services error
  •  Invalid help and resources
  •  Invalid virtual devices
  •  Empty registry keys
  •  Invalid device drivers
System Optimizer allows you to optimize your system settings, and as a result, boosts your system speed and improves system performance. The System Optimizer will optimize the following settings to speed up your system:
  •   Automatically end hung applications
  •   Enable UDMA66 support
  •   Optimize Internet connection
  •   Force Windows to Unload DLLs from Memory
  •   Speed up Windows refresh
  •   Speed up browsing remote computers
  •   Speed up loading internet explorer pages
  •   Speed up the menu show delay
  •   Boost up the Windows prefetcher service

Wise Care 365 Pro Download

Wise Care 365 Pro 2.64 Build 202 Keygen designed to keep your Windows secure

Wise Care 365 Pro 2.64 Build 202 Free Keygen

Wise Care 365 – Using Wise Keygen can tune-up PC. Download free. Wise Care 365 Pro 2.64 Build 202 Keygen designed to keep your Windows secure, clean and fast. Wise Care 365 is a full collection of Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner. However, with other attractive and exciting features, it is far more than that. Wise Care 365 will keep your PC in tiptop shape and at peak performance! What you need to do is just one click when you use Wise Care 365 Pro 2.64 Build 202 Keygen. And your old PC will turn into a brand new and blazing fast one after Wise Care 365′s automatic cleanup and tuneup. Selective Wise Care 365 especially can detect more hidden invalid registry issues than CCleaner, which is accredited by Gizmos and PCWorld. The scanning speed of Wise Care 365 is twice as fast as CCleaner, not to mention Advanced System Care Pro 5. All the features in Wise Care 365 are highly reviewed by PCWorld, PCAdvisor, ComputerBild, CHIP, CNET, ZDNet, and so on.

What can Wise Care 365 Pro 2.64 Build 202 User Keygen do?
- Clean up, defragment and optimize the Windows Registry
- Defragment and free up space on your hard disk
- Protect your privacy by erasing personal tracking data
- Recover lost files
- Hide important files or folders
- Prevent unauthorized use of personal applications
- Auto shut down your PC
- Free up Memory to boost game and enterprise software performance
- Simple "One Click Tune-up" option will optimize your PC

Wise Care 365: maintain your PC. Download it here free. Wise care designed to perform various jobs like cleaning your PC of unneeded files, defragment and optimize the registry, freeing space on your hard drive, recover lost files, deleting internet tracks, etc

Use Wise Care 365 Pro and protect your PC!
Available Features in Wise Care de 365 Pro 2.64 Build 202 kr Keygen :
  •   Clean, defrag, and optimize the Windows registry
  •   defragmenting the hard disk space and osvobodzhdenie
  •   personal data removed to protect your privacy by tracking
  •   Recovery of lost files
  •   ability to hide your important files and folders
  •   to prevent unauthorized use of personal references
  •   Auto shutdown computer
  •   improve the performance of games and software for free
  •   A "tune up" click the option to rest quickly optimize your computer

Using Wise 365 can critical care registry, disks, and other system utilities for your PC is a bundle.365 Care Get wise and never again will slow your computer!

Benefits of Wise Care:

  •   Clean, Defragment and optimize the Windows registry
  •   Defragment your hard disk free space and
  •   Protect your privacy by erasing personal tracking data
  •   Recover lost files
  •   Hide important files or folders
  •   Prevent unauthorized use of personal applications
  •   Auto shut down your PC
  •   Free up memory to boost performance of applications and enterprise software
  •   Simple "one-click tune-up" option to optimize your PC

Improved Software Rating.
Prolonged display time of tips for Services.
Improved Context Menu.
Newly added Greek language.
Improved multi-language packs.

DriverEasy Professional Download

DriverEasy Professional can locate missing drivers.

DriverEasy Professional Free Key

DriverEasy Professional Free Key can locate missing drivers. Download free. Driver Easy Key designed to find and download latest version of driver. This program has intuitive interface.
Using DriverEasy UK Professional ca es  Key can locate missing drivers and download them on  computer. After installing the program you can view system information which is focuses on the machine, operating system, RAM, processors and motherboard. It has all user simple interface which easy to use.With this program you can also view data about hardwares like video cards, monitors, hard disk, network card and audio card.

Stop looking for missing drivers,use DriverEasy Professional 4.5!

Once you program user-friendly interface, you can view system information that focuses on machine, operating system, RAM, processor and motherboard can begin.But also data about the hardware, such as video cards, monitors, hard disks, network cards and audio cards can.
So, you have to do is start the process of scanning and DriverEasy de Professional User Key your missing drivers (such as keyboards, mice and other pointing devices, sound, video and game controllers, human interface devices, display adapters) will start to explore.You total the old driver, missing drivers, scan tools and can see the scanning time.
When you "download" tab to proceed, you can check out the results found by DriverEasy, along with the size of each driver. First you have to download them, after which you can install or delete them, open the file location, or report errors to hide items."Tools" menu, you look for information on hardware, and drivers can use a backup, as well as system restore to uninstall them.
Full version of Driver Easy 
Also, you can select the interface language, you can configure the proxy settings, DriverEasy drivers before installing the set and automatically create a restore point to see a list of all hidden devices.Show a moderately high amount of system resources consumed and does not include a help file. Overall, it works easily.DriverEasy freezes during download operations.In some cases, we were not able to install the downloaded items. In addition, at a time demo version only allows a driver to download. So, we recommend that you test for yourself DriverEasy.

Available Features in DriverEasy ro Professional jp kr Key UK Full Version 
 Favorite Software:
- Automatically detects unknown devices, and automatically load the driver
- Updated drivers for the production upgrade
- Different drivers of the base 1000000
- If the backup, restore, and remove drivers
- Multilingual User Interface
- The program is extremely easy to use
Here "DriverEasy" There are some key features of:
Your driver one-stop solution:
--- Selective Driver East especially  designed to identify the unknown device driver, and the latest version of the driver is designed to quickly and easily. Much more, we ‘back up driver, ‘drivers, ‘restore, and the driver uninstall feature is implemented, ensure that your driver is safe and secure.

Detect unknown device drivers:
---  Driver comfort is a huge online database, which includes ‘100,000,000’ hardware device driver, the driver with a revolutionary engine to find out, it lets you download the driver for ‘unknown device’, you fix the driver issue help.

Up to the driver - on hold:
---  Our daily updated driver database, your system's performance, ‘blue screen’ will fix the problem, install the latest drivers to enhance the facility.

Backup and restore the drivers:
---  worry about it if you have lost the driver disc, Easy driver backup your current driver is installed, you can restore the system to reload.

Removed Hardware Drivers Uninstall:
--- When you replace the ‘graphic card’, you still have your old Windows find a driver to keep, and it will launch all the time when Windows starts. The system will slow down the boot issue, and some ‘system problems’ may be the case.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dota 2 Treasure Keys Hack 2015

Best free hack tool for dota 2

Dota 2 Treasure Keys Hack 2015

Dota 2 consists of session-based online multiplayer activity, with the primary objective of each match being for teams to destroy their opposing team's fortified stronghold. Each player controls a player character called a "hero", who is given the responsibility of participating in team combat, which generally takes place along a series of lanes that connect their opposing bases, lined with defensive towers. The gameplay elements are largely incorporated from Defense of the Ancients, with the game's lead designer, IceFrog, being the longest-serving and current developer of the Warcraft III mod.

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Here by, we present you the latest Tool we developed for Dota 2, the  Dota 2 Treasure Chest Unlocker !
Do you want to unlock all your chests for Free? Using this tool you can open all your chests fast, free and easy! You don’t need to buy keys anymore! Get it now!
This Dota 2 ChestsUnlocker Tool was made possible by the tedious hard work of our team collecting hundreds to thousands of chests and keys and analyzing all of them as a whole using an algorithm cracking program to work out how the chests are unlocked and how you get those items. This unlocker that we have devised has a 93% success rate, with only a small amount of the unlocked chest giving no items.

Abouth Game: 
Dota 2 is a free-to-play real-time strategy game developed by Valve for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. It is the official sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA: Allstars), a custom scenario for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos that originally popularized the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena sub-genre. Dota 2 is built on the Source engine and is headed by IceFrog, one of the designers of the original DotA: Allstars.
Dota 2 was first released as an invite-only beta in November 2011, during Gamescom 2011. The game was officially released in July 2013.
Dota 2 plays similar to its mod predecessor DotA: Allstars, where five players control individual hero characters and defend their base against waves of computer-controlled monsters, or creeps, and five opposing player-controlled heroes. The objective is to destroy the opposing team's towers and ultimately, their Ancient. Players earn gold and experience by killing creeps and other heroes, and can buy items and equipment to boost their heroes and aid their team within each match.
DotA: Allstars and Dota 2 developer IceFrog has promised gameplay and patch parity between the 2 versions for the foreseeable future.
free download dota 2 hack
Game Modes
There are many different game modes available in Dota 2, each affecting how a player chooses (or not) their hero. Players also have the ability to randomly pick a hero in most modes, which gives them extra gold to start off with.
  • All Pick: Each player can choose any hero. The most common mode in matchmaking.
  • Captain's Mode: Each team has a captain who take turns in banning heroes from the game and choosing heroes for their team. The standard mode of all major tournaments.
  • Single Draft: Each player is given one Strength, Agility and Intelligence hero to choose from.
  • Random Draft: Each player takes turns to choose a hero from a pool of 20 random heroes.
  • All Random: Every player gets a random hero, and receives extra gold to start off with.
  • Reverse Captain's Mode: Captain's Mode where the opposing team picks and bans heroes for the other team. (only available on private games)
  • All Mid: Optional mode limiting all heroes to the center lane. (only available on private games)
  • Least Played: Players are banned from picking their top 40 most played heroes.
  • Diretide: A special Halloween only mode, where players battle over candy and then try to kill Roshan in the fastest time possible.
  • The Greeviling: A special Christmas only mode where teams race to be the first to kill 11 camps of Greevils, with the ability to change to their own Greevils at any time.
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fifa 14 Key Generator

generate your free key for fifa 14

Fifa 14 Key Generator

Have you always wanted to play Fifa 14 with your friends or alone but didn’t want to pay for it !?
Well, we understand you so we make this awesome Keygen !!
This keygen gives you Fifa 14 for any console you want !!
Then the keygen will generate a code for the console
you choose: Means PC – Origin , PS3PlayStation Store , XBOX 360 – marketplace
and you insert the code in the right place and… BOOM! Free Fifa 14

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How it works?
Well the keygen let you decide what console you want and then you click on Generate.
save money and generate key for fifa 14 for free

1.Download FIFA 14 Keygen from the button below
2.Launch Fifa14Keygen.exe
3.Choose your console: PC, XBOX360, PS3
4.Click on GENERATE
5.(Copy the generated code and put him in your :
(Origin / PS store / Xbox Store)

How to redeem code on Origin:
1.Click on the options button
2.Click on product code
3.Enter the code.

How to redeem code on PS3:
1.Go to Playstation network
2.Go to account managment
3.Go to redeem codes and enter the code

How to redeem code on XBOX360:
1.Go to marketplace
2.look down and click on redeem code3.Enter the code

Fifa 14 Official Trailer

Fifa 14 Generator

Key Generator for Fifa 14 Working 100%

Full download Fifa 14

Fifa 14 Crack

Fifa 14 key-serial

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Amazon Ultimate Gift Card Generator

This is probably the only working generator


Amazon Ultimate Gift Card Generator

What is the Amazon Gift Card Generator program?
If you’ve never heard of the Amazon Gift Card Generator program it’s time to get in the know. This program was designed for shoppers just like you who are constantly on the look-out for great deals and exciting products. Our program provides you with a quick and simple way to generate your very own free Amazon gift card code that you can then redeem when checking out during your shopping experience. That’s right there’s no need to purchase a gift card, you can generate a free code yourself straight from your own computer.
How does it work?
We’ve kept things real simple so that you can quickly generate your own code and start your shopping experience. Simply visit our website to access our exclusive software. You will enter in the denomination of the gift card you wish to create and then our site will automatically generate a free code for you to use. Make sure to write this code down and keep it somewhere safe as you will need to enter it during your checkout process on Amazon. Simply choose Redeem Gift Card as your method of payment and enter in the code to enjoy a free shopping experience.
Does the gift card work?
Of course you’re likely thinking this program is too good to be true, well not to worry because we’re here to assure you that the program not only works but it is simple and quick. The program is 100% real, tested on shoppers just like yourself, and is guaranteed to work. Your checkout experience will be a breeze as you simply type in the code we’ve supplied you with.
What’s great is that you can use the code yourself to shop with or you can give the code to a friend as a gift, or even purchase a gift for your friend using your free code. There are plenty of possibilities with our program.
Another bonus is the fact that there is no expiration date on the gift card that is generated. There is absolutely no rush to redeem it within an allotted amount of time. However, if you’re anxious to start shopping you can use the code immediately after it is supplied to you.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Tera Copy Pro v2.27 + Serials Free Download

Free software serial included!

Tera Copy Pro v2.27 + Serials Free Download

TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user with a lot of features: 

Download for free!
-Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.
-Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.
-Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skip the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
-Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.
-Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.
-Full Unicode support.
-Windows 8 x64 support.

Download Tera Copy Pro v2.27
TeraCopy Pro:
The Pro version of the program lets you do the following:
-Copy/move to favorite folders.
-Save reports as html and csv files.
-Select files with the same extension/same folder.
-Remove selected files from the copy queue.
-More features coming soon!
Tested And Working...
Scanned (With Kaspersky) And 100% Clean.

Uniblue DriverScanner 2013 Download

Uniblue DriverScanner is an application designed to help you deal with drivers in a nice and easy way


Uniblue DriverScanner 2013 + Serials Free Download

Uniblue DriverScanner is an application designed to help you deal with drivers in a nice and easy way, relying on a set of dedicated tools to update drivers, create backups and restore them in just a few minutes.
Using DriverScanner is not at all difficult because it comes with a straightforward interface that guides you through the whole process.
You can thus scan your computer and get a comprehensive list of drivers to be updated, along with download links to get the job done without even leaving the main window of the app.
And speaking of the main window, along with device driver information, you also get a bunch of version details, plus driver age and a “learn more” link to see even more info.

Using DriverScanner is not at all difficult because it comes with a straightforward interface that guides you through the whole process.
User Interface:
-Windows Familiar GUI
-System overview and recommendations
-System tray shortcut
-Shows Scan Progress
-Shows driver statuses
-Extensive Manual and Help
-Inbuilt reporting system for bad drivers

Device drivers are without doubt some of the most important programs running on your PC.
Driver Scan:
-Scan summary and download history
-Driver download management technology
-Disk drives scan
-Display adapters scan
-DVD/CD-ROM drives scan
-IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers scan
-Monitors scan
-Network adapters scan
-Processors scan
-Other devices scan
-Sound, video and game controllers scan
-System devices scan
-Universal serial bus controllers scan
-Unplugged devices scan
-Simultaneous driver downloads

Backup & Restore:
-Easy driver backup
-Easy driver restore
-Windows restore points

DriverScanner Settings:
-Minimize DriverScanner to taskbar
-Minimize DriverScanner to tray
-Select number of simultaneous downloads

Tested And Working...
Scanned (With Kaspersky) And 100% Clean.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Crack Only Free Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Crack Only

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 returns to its roots with the emphasis on the individual skills of the world’s best players and giving the player the total freedom to play any style of ball, to any teammate, anywhere on the pitch. It is the most faithful re-creation of modern day football to date.
Enjoy the authentic football experience through a variety of modes. You can play as a team to win various cups, experience the football player life (Become a Legend), manage your team to become true champions (Master League), and join the excitement of many more challenges through both offline and online features.

Key Features:

PES FullControl (PES FC): Never before has a football game offered such a level of control over the way it is played
  • Dynamic First Touch: PES 2013 introduces subtle ways to receive the ball, from traps, gently lifting it past an attacker to run on to. First touch is everything and players can trap the ball using the R2 button, killing the speed of a well-hit pass and bringing it instantly under control, or using the momentum of the pass to turn a defender. 
  • Full Manual Passing and Full Manual Shooting: PES 2013 offers fully manual passing and for the first time ever manual shooting, allowing users to determine the height and power of each. Skill and precision are needed to master these, but passes can be made into open areas, allowing lone strikers to thrive, while offering an unrivaled variety in ways to score.
  • Goalkeepers: Even the game’s keepers benefit from more control, while their distribution is more precise thanks to the addition of a power gauge when they throw the ball, creating opportunities for new, quicker counter attacks.
ProActive AI: ProActive AI unites the control and realism, with players that will respond and find space as befits those at the top of their game
  • Balance of Play: The ProActive AI system enhances the attack/defense balance elements, proper zonal movements to the defending unit to remove bunching in all areas, setting a harder to beat defensive line, and allowing for quicker counters from the wing-backs.
  • Tactical Precision: The balance of play has also been enhanced in the play between defenses and the front line, with greater organization as the teams track back or pelt forward. This means players are set up to exploit space with quick counter attacks. 
Player ID: Player ID focuses on the individual elements and movements that each player boasts
  • Player Individuality: The very best players in PES 2013 will be instantly recognizable with incredible likeness and signature attributes to match the running motions, abilities, playing styles, and the flicks and turns that bring them to life. The way they run, turn, trap, move the ball, shoot and even celebrate will be noticeably different during play. This level of realism extends to midfielders, defenders and even goal keepers who will move, track back and fling themselves mimicking the exact styles of the real thing, while strikers will shape a shot just like their real-life counterparts. 

 Pro Evolution Soccer Official Trailer

Borderlands 2 PC Game Download

Full game download,free and fast!

Borderlands 2 PC Game Download

A new era of shoot and loot is about to begin. Play as one of four new vault hunters facing off against a massive new world of creatures, psychos and the evil mastermind, Handsome Jack. Make new friends, arm them with a bazillion weapons and fight alongside them in 4 player co-op on a relentless quest for revenge and redemption across the undiscovered and unpredictable living planet.

Key Features:

    Download,instal play and enjoy!
  • All-New Characters and All-New Classes: Four all new playable classes including the Siren, the Commando, the Gunzerker and the Assassin. Step into the role of the Gunzerker, whose highly deadly skills allow him to dual-wield any two weapons found in the game. Not only that, you will build on that skill to do more things with two guns than you ever imagined possible. Dual machine guns? Cool. Dual rocket launchers? Of course! Dual Sniper Rifles? Sure, if that’s your thing! Want to try other styles? More tactical perhaps? There are multiple classes to choose from!
  • Dynamic Co-op online, and LAN: Share your adventures with friends both online and via LAN. Borderlands 2 features a seamless system enabling you to drop in and drop out of a campaign without ever having to restart the game. On top of that you can even take your new gear from any game to any other!
    A new era of shoot and loot is about to begin.
  • World Connected Story: Find yourself left for dead in the frozen tundra of Pandora as you begin your quest of revenge and redemption. Expose the evil surrounding the Hyperion Corporation and take on the perpetrator of a universe-wide grand deception -- the nefarious Hyperion CEO, Handsome Jack. (Oh, also: he's stolen credit for the opening of the Vault.)
  • 87 Bazillion...Everything: In addition to the new gun system, you will lust after procedurally generated shields, grenades, Relics, class mods and much, much more. And you thought the original Borderlands had a ton of loot!
  • Brand new environments on Pandora: Hunt through entirely brand new areas of Pandora that are more alive than ever! From the arctic tundra, through the dangerous grasslands, past the mysterious corrosive caverns to beyond, you’ll be surprised by the unpredictable world of Pandora at every turn!
  • Brand new enemies: A whole slew of new enemies are out there to kill you in Borderlands 2. Hulking, gorilla-like Bullymongs, vicious predatory Stalkers and the Hyperion mechanical army, run by Handsome Jack, are just some of the new enemies in Borderlands 2. 

  Borderland 2 Official Trailer

Saturday, 17 August 2013

PowerISO 5.5 + Registration Keys Download

Download PowerISO 5.5 serial included,tested and workinf!


PowerISO 5.5 + Registration Keys

PowerISO is a powerful CD/DVD image file processing tool, which allows you to open, extract, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split and convert ISO files, and mount these files with internal virtual drive. It can process almost all CD-ROM image files including ISO and BIN.
PowerISO Features
  • Open and extract ISO File.
  • Create ISO file from hard disk files or CD/DVD-ROM.
  • Edit an existing ISO file directly.
  • Make bootable ISO file, get boot information from bootable ISO file.
  • Make floppy disk image file.
  • Optimize files to save disk space while saving ISO file.
  • Mount ISO file with internal virtual drive. You don't need install any other virtual drive software.
  • Can be used easily. PowerISO supports shell integration, context menu, drag and drop, clipboard copy paste...
Supported operating systems:
32-bit Windows: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003,
Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8
64-bit Windows: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8

Supported languages:
English, Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Norsk, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Kazakh

New Features in v5.5:
Improve DVD and Bluray disc burning.
Some minor bug fixes and enhancements.    

NBA 2K13 PC Full Game

Most popular game ever!

NBA 2K13 PC Game Full Version

With more than 5 million copies sold worldwide and more than 25 Sports Game of the Year awards won, NBA 2K12 was another monster release for the biggest NBA video game simulation franchise in the world. This year, 2K Sports has joined forces with the legendary JAY Z as Executive Producer to transcend sports video games and take virtual hardwood to the next level. Featuring an enhanced MyCAREER mode and all-new gameplay features, NBA 2K13 will let gamers pit the best players in NBA history against the new dynasty of talent, including the much-debated matchup between the 2012 U.S. Men’s National Team and the 1992 “Dream Team.”
Fast speed download,tested and working,crack included!
  • Wii U™ Launch title – As a launch title to the Wii U console, NBA 2K13 will be the first choice for basketball fans on the new console.
  • Gatorade Biometric Scan – Think you have a feel for how your player is performing? Think again. The Gatorade Biometrics display provides an up-to-the-second look at your player’s mood and fatigue level in the game. A persistent “heartbeat” and dynamic hot/cold zones will keep you in tune with your player’s psyche as the game progresses.
  • A JAY Z Production – NBA 2K13 is produced by multi-platinum recording artist and hip-hop mogul JAY Z.
  • USA Basketball – Finally answer the question: Who would win a head-to-head duel between the 1992 Dream Team and the 2012 squad?
  • MyCAREER Mode – Build your MyPLAYER by giving him signature skills, and acquire your very own custom animations using Virtual Currency (VC). Includes all-new GM sit-down feature, new endorsement paths, improved in-game AI, and all-new swag including casual clothing, equipment, custom shoes and much more
  • NBA 2K “MyTEAM” – Collect players, uniforms, arenas and boosts to put together your own team. Track the talent marketplace that fluctuates based on real-life performance, and then take your team online to play against other players’ MyTEAMS in a new tiered matchmaking system.
  • Improved Gameplay features, including such innovations as:
  • Shoe Creator- One of the most flexible interfaces ever allow the user to customize up to 45 shoe components and layers from the ground up. Create original shoes from all the major shoe brands and deck your player out with his own signature creation.
  • Classic Teams – The best teams in NBA history are back, and can now be taken online. Challenge your friends with squads such as the ’96 Bulls and ’65 Celtics.

NBA 2K13 Official Trailer