Sunday, 29 December 2013

Win Xbox One or Playstation 4 Choise is Yours

You can become new owner,Xbox One or Play Station 4
The next-generation of home consoles is no longer a distant dream but a very tangible reality.

Have you already picked up a console? Or have you waited unsure whether it was Sony or Microsoft's console that was more suited to your digital dreams? It doesn't matter because in association with Argos we're giving away – an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4.

 We are proud to present one of the first winners of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 
Participate in our contest and win a console Xbox OneParticipate in our contest and win a console Play Station 4
   Xbox One Winner - Kevin Ricards             Play Station 4 Winner - Alex Kenji
                 California USA                                     Sydney Australia

Win console today, tomorrow is at your doorstep.
 To enter for your chance to win, Xbox One or  Playstation 4 simply follow the steps.

To participate in the contest,you have to download Xbox One Code or Play Station 4 Code,when you download Xbox One Code or Play Station 4 Code you will get a five-digit code and details where to send it.

                    Xbox One Code                                  Play Station 4 Code
 Download Download
Every 30 of the month we announce the winners of Xbox One and Play Station 4, also awards shipped within 24 - 48 hours.

Xbox One vs PS4: The Ultimate Comparison


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