Friday, 17 January 2014

Dota 2 Item Hack

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Dota 2 Item Hack

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Following the footsteps of league of legends and gaining lots of momentum Dota 2 is increasingly becoming one of the most played multiplayer gamesMany believed that dota was dead and that lol was going to dominate the MOBA scene for a longer period of time, but VALVE once again proves that creativity and marketing are their middle names. In my humble opinion i think Dota will be the future and will soon sit at the top spot.

 Millions of people joined the closed beta and many more are joining in after the official release. Lets remember that Dota was the original MOBA and all others followed its lead. This game has everything to dominate the scene: Strong community, great competitive atmosphere and overall skill level. Tournaments have been very entertaining and the prize pools steadily increasing in size. Riot will have to fight back and try to overcome this Dota avalanche.

Items are objects sold by shops or dropped from certain creeps that provide an ability, bonus, or other function not tied to a particular hero (exception: the hero'sUltimate upgrade provided by Aghanim's Scepter). They come in a multitude of forms and types.
Most items take up space in a Hero's Inventory, meaning only a finite number can be carried at one time. Recipe items will automatically remove their components from a Hero's Inventory and Stash when they are assembled. Because of this, strategy and thought is required in the order and selection of items to purchase.
Most Heroes can use most items, but some items will provide no effect or cannot be purchased by some Heroes. For example, most heroes with a bash ability cannot purchase Skull Basher.
Heroes generally cannot use items purchased by other heroes, with a handful of exceptions. See Item Sharing.
Some items can be disassembled. See Disassemble.
Most items may be sold back to vendors for 100% refund within 10 seconds after purchasing, but beyond this window items may be sold back for only 50% of its price tag. Some items cannot be sold, for example, Gem of True Sight and Black King Bar.
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