Saturday, 3 August 2013

USB Safely Remove Download

Free software usb safely remove!

 USB Safely Remove 5.2.1

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USB Safely Remove is the best software for the speedy and easy disconnection of removable devices. The priority of this software is always the safely remove of Universal Serial Bus.
Easy to use!

*Unlimited range of processes to launch
You may specify to launch any range of processes for such as event. as an example you will setup launching a backup of the drive before stopping and following dismounting of a True Crypt volume
*Optional program line parameters
You may pass such device parameters as drive letter, drive label, device PNP name into the method program line via parameter templates (e.g. this program line can browse a drive in someone on device connection: someone.exe %DriveLetter%)
*New events to launch programs
Now programs will be launched when device plugging, before device stopping, when device stopping and when device removing
*Global autorun
You can setup a program to be launched not just for bound device, except for all hotplug devices within the system
One click templates!
Dislike reading boring documentation, however fascinated by one amongst the subsequent things?
* Browsing a drive with someone or Total Commander on device association
* Scanning a tool for viruses on its association
* creating automatic backup of a flash-drive folder


  1. The program works great,I am very pleased,thank you for the contribution.

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  4. I just finished the installation, everything works just fine!

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  6. what is the password of zip file pls tell me

    1. When you downloaded the file you got instructions..

  7. Worked like HELL, thx dude ur the best!