Saturday, 3 August 2013

Facebook Hack 2015

Account Hack

Facebook Hack 2015

  Facebook Account Hack can be used to hack intro any Facebook Account.You just
simply run the software and it will retrive the password in a few minutes! It's that
easy to get into anyones Facebook Account Hack consists of two plug-ins!

Grab your tool for Facebook Account Hacking
Do not miss this opportunity!

Does this work on all accounts?
Yes it will! We cannot guarantee that this will work 100% of the time, but it's pretty
close! But don't go ahead and try to hack Mark Zuckerberg or something.

Hack Features:
Works on all encryption types
Anonymous mode
Multi-thread hacking
Search for saved passwords
Extract FB ID from cookies
Use anonymous proxies
Freeze account
Brute force
Password tips from
User Friendly

1. Run Facebook Account Hacker
2.Enter the target's email OR profile link
3.Press start button
4.Wait till it's done
5.And you've got a  password

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  1. This shit is priceless, finally my friends will think I'm a real hacker haha, you are my god you put one thing on the internet that makes me happy Facebook Acount Hacker

  2. whoever did this is a true hacker and thank him for sharing that with us

  3. This hack is very easy to use, I just hacked the profile of my ex-girlfriend,bitch will not even know what happened to her..

  4. i need the pasword account to acces to de program

  5. Please teach me how make hack like yours? I was excited when i hacked (cant say name ) account but now i'm nervous cause i hacked it,will i get in trouble? :(

    1. Of course you will not be in trouble: D

  6. Hey, I cant use this because i dont live in the us. Can you do it for me ill email you the link i want to hack. Pleeeeease

    1. We performed the upgrade and can now be used in all countries.

  7. please give me password account to acces to the program

  8. amazingly easy to get into any fb account!

  9. Can i get a mediafirelink?