Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bioshock Infinite Trainer

Bioshock Infinite Trainer


Bioshock Infinite v1.4 Plus 21 Trainer (Tested and Working)

Trainer Options Hotkeys

F1-Super Health
This will keep you alive and well.

F2-Infinite Sheild
This will keep your shield at max-always.

F3-Infinite Salt/Power
Keeps you filld up with salt/power at all times.
F4-Add Money
Each press will add around 1000 coins,each time youve pressed the key remember to enter the inventory pause menu to see the results,repeat the process for adding more.

F5-Add Lockpicks
Each Press will add around 10 lockpicks,each time youve pressed the key remember to enter the inventory pause menu to see the results,repeat the process for adding more.

F6-Infinite Ammo
This will grant you an infinite amount of ammo to use.

F7-No Reload
This removes the need to reload your weapons.

F8-Super Accuracy
This will increase your your weapons accuracy.

F9-Super Speed
This will increase your speed.
Let's you run and sprint much faster.

F10-Super Jump-Lite
This will increase your jump hight.
Let's you jump abit higher.

F11-Super Jump Boosted
This will increase your jump hight more.
Let's you jump much much higher.

F12-No Fall Damage
This will remove the impact upon falling.
So make sure to enable this before you use any of the super jump options above!
No Toggle,only enables!

End Key-Bullet Time
Slow down everything bullets/explosions.

Del/Delete Key-No Clip Mode
Use it to bypass areas/doors that are locked etc,but remember to use with care as it may cause you to fall righ thue the floor in some causes,so just use it when needed.

Page Up/prior Key-One Hit Kill
Let's  you take out the bad guys very easly.

Page Down/Next Key-Mini Enemies
Enemies will turn small

Number 5-Freeze Time
Everything in the game will stop moving except for you,however your weapons do not work like ussual thought,so keep that in mind.

Number 6-Lock Players
Lock's the player at the current locaton,addesd to make "The Transporter" option more usefull that it may already be :)

Number 7-The Transporter
Turns the vigor abillty of "Possession" intro a warp option,use with care and make sure to store a backup location with the teleporter before just incase you should go way off and have fun!

Insert Key-Super Stealth
Enemies can not see you,unless you are very close up infront of them shooting,if you  have not yet been discovered by any enemies,they wont see or notice you are there unless you use any weapons ofcourse,in such case just toggle the option back off and then on again.
Make sure to not overuse it as it may hinder the game from progressing like normal.

Number 8-Store Location
Number 9-Teleport
Number 0-Undo Teleportation

NOTE: Have fun and enjoy!

Make sure to disable any firewall you might have running and disable or add the trainer to your av's exception list,Av's ussualy have an exception list soo please add the trainer to that list for it to work properly,incase you dont want to disable the av completely.
Also make sure to disable windows UAC Controller completely whilest running the trainer,or try running the trainer as administrator.


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